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Scott is teaching me the very basics of this wonderful place called the web. I'm hoping two minds are better than one, so everyone can get a Miles fix more frequently. Perhaps, in the future, I'll get fancy and do a bit of blogging as I go. Thanks for checking out the little dude!

-Nancy (a.k.a. Nan, Nanny, Nance, Pants, Fancy Pants Nance, Chicken, Nancy you so Ka-way-zee)


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What was Miles up to in July, you ask? Let's see...

The little guy rolled, grabbed his toes, and drooled a lot. He's become quite the traveller. So far, he's been to Santa Cruz, Southern California, and Kaua'i. He did go to Philo for the Fourth of July weekend, but was sent home by the mosquitos.

He's made lots of friends born around the same time through the New Parents Group at Summit Alta Bates Hospital. There's been an event every weekday, so he's had quite the busy social calendar.

Special events in his personal history so far: a beach wedding, a baptism, a 10k, an adoption mailing party, the movies, a Star Wars party (came dressed as Yoda), a dip in the Pacific Ocean, a twin babies shower, a pool party, a steam engine train ride, meeting all 13 of his cousins, and tons of walks/hikes.

So, these pictures are in no particular order. Kaua'i photos will come at a later date. Enjoy...



Rockin' out in the exersaucer!



Miles loves his Auntie Mille.


Safety first.

Happy G-pa.

The many faces of the man.


Somehow Miles fell asleep in this position.



This is what he looks like when he wakes up from a nap.Not too pretty.



Some lovin' from Ty and Auntie LeeBee.


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